Santa Baby Diaper Cover & Hat

Santa Cover-Hat FRONT

Santa Baby Diaper Cover & Hat

$10.00 + shipping

This item is already made and ready for delivery. Also taking future orders that would be shipped within 4-6 weeks from order date.
To order or more information email:


3 thoughts on “Santa Baby Diaper Cover & Hat

  1. Ashley says:

    She had made me 3 diaper covers set, a deer, Minnie mouse, and a pink john deere. And a little baby balnket with the infant loss colors… This Grandmama loves her babies.

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  2. Lynn Valentine says:

    Hey Doris! Ryan’s Mom here. I want one and would love to have a deer one. George’s granddaughters husband is quite the Hunter and I know he’d like a deer one for his baby girl. If I could see a picture to see if it’s a little feminine. BTW, you are so talented! Perhaps a blanket with some deer on it? They have a dog too, a weimeraner (sp). 😀

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